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Combine the Useful with the Pleasing: Learn and Travel

AsiaTEFL will help you prepare your resume and based on your location preferences start the job search for you from the first week of your studies.  Our job support does not end once you find your first teaching assignment.  Any time you want to look for a new job, just contact us.  AsiaTEFL will assist in setting up interviews with prospective employers, the results will depend on YOU! ​


Why take the TEFL / TESOL?

More and more prospective employers are requesting the TEFL / TESOL certificate, regardless of your degree.  A minimum 120hour TEFL to be exact.  It shows commitment, professionalism and responsibility.  You will be PREPARED to tackle that dreaded first day.  it will enable you to UNDERSTAND your students, understand their behavior and how to handle certain situations.

You will be able to convey good GRAMMAR and be confident in your lessons.  You will become CREATIVE, having to learn to think out of the box. FUN!  And when the fun gets out of control, YOU will be able to handle it.

A good teacher NEVER stops learning, you will learn through the course and you will learn through the day to day actions of the students.

TEFL Teacher lifestyle

The reasons people have for starting a career in teaching English are as wide ranging as the people themselves. For some it is a chance to gain valuable experience of the world before heading home and starting a different career. For others, it represents the chance to make a new start, or it is a means to perpetuate a life of travel and adventure. Whatever your reasons for becoming an English teacher you are bound to be curious about the kind of lifestyle you can expect while teaching abroad.  

The Interview

So you’ve completed your TEFL course and started applying for jobs in your dream destination country? The next step on becoming a successful English teacher is the TEFL interview


Teaching without a degree 

One question many people considering becoming a TEFL teacher ask is whether it is possible to teach English abroad without a university degree. The answer to this question is simply, yes. While there certainly are some countries and individual schools that do require TEFL teachers to have a degree, in the vast majority of countries it is not a requirement by governments or employers.